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PIXI – Best Of Bright Set


  • Use the Glow Mud Cleanser in the AM or PM.
  • Apply a small amount to damp skin.
  • Massage gently for 30 seconds, avoiding the eye area.
  • Rinse clean and pat dry.

Pixi – Best of Vitamin-C

Discover our 3 easy steps to brighten, protect and preserve for your most healthy skin. Vitamin C has potent antioxidant power, promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity.

Pixi – Glow Tonic 15ml

Exfoliating, alcohol-free toner for smoother, brighter, and clearer skin. • Formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid it brightens and smooths skin • Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Botanical extracts work together to nourish and treat, revealing an improved complexion • Alcohol-free

Pixi – Hydrating Milky Mist 80ml

A deeply hydrating mist that provides an invisible layer of skin-soothers, making it the ultimate remedy for dry skin.

Pixi – Overnight Glow Serum

A concentrated exfoliating gel that helps to reveal a more even & radiant skin tone overnight.

PIXI – Glow Tonic 100ml

3,400.00 3,200.00
The Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml miracle working toner helps brighten the complexion resulting in a healthier glow.

PIXI – Glow Tonic 250ml

The Pixi Glow Tonic™ is highly concentrated, invigorating facial toner that deeply cleans pores by sweeping away excess oil and impurities.   Remove excess oils and impurities with Pixi Glow Tonic in its 250ml size from Pixi Beauty. This award-winning, invigorating toner deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates all skin types in one lovely step.   Our unique formula is enriched with 5% glycolic acid that gently wipes away impurities from your pores, while aloe vera soothes and hydrates your skin. Infused with red ginseng, this Skintreats essential helps to protect and energize your skin. Use it in the AM or PM for a healthier, balanced complexion that's ready to glow. With Pixi Glow Tonic, your skin will be balanced, soothed, radiant and prepped for makeup application.   This alcohol-free tonic is never tested on animals.

PIXI – -pHenomenal Gel

Balancing and pH neutralizing moisture gel.

PIXI – DetoxifEYE

Instantly reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while moisturizing and soothing your skin with Pixi's DetoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches.

PIXI – Fast Flash Facial!

Discover our 3 steps for a fast effective at home Flash-Facial!

PIXI – Glow Mist

All-over glow mist for a radiant, dewy effect.

PIXI – Glow Mud Mask

A purifying, glow-revealing clay mask to purify & balance skin - it's our signature 15-minute facial!

PIXI – Jasmine Oil Blend

This exquisite oil blend is especially effective in helping skin recover from loss of moisture and dullness. It helps repair damage as well as calm and restore stressed and unbalanced skin.

Pixi – On-the-Glow Stick – 0.67oz

Travel friendly solid moisturizer. Use on face, lips, body & hair.

PIXI – Rose Flash Balm

This 3-in-1, oil-free, quick absorbing formula instantly moisturizes and brightens and is great as a revitalizing mask as well as a primer to prep skin for perfect makeup application.

PIXI – Rose Glow Mist

Packed with 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this dual-phase elixir leaves skin with a natural glow. It moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity and provides free radical protection.

PIXI – Rose Tonic 100ML

Naturally soothing and rich in nutrients, this tonic helps to tone, balance pH, minimize redness and calm skin. Rehydrates, replenishes and refreshes.

Retinol Tonic

This potent youth preserving tonic features a unique time-release Retinol to help rejuvenate the skin for a natural glow. Powerful antioxidants and botanicals replenish the skin for a smoother, softer appearance while soothing sensitive skin.

Pixi – Vitamin C Tonic 100Ml

Vitamin C has potent antioxidant power, promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity.